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Why Choose 


Briquettes are quickly becoming a top fuel choice for many. They are extremely cost-effective and produce 50% more heat compared to logs. As well as this, our QBriquettes® hold less than 5% moisture content which makes them chimney and flue friendly.  The ThermoWood process that timber goes through, removes all the natural resins, sugars, and impurities, therefore the chimney and flue does not get lined with soot and resins reducing ongoing maintenance (Sorry Mr Chimney Sweep). 


Our compact briquettes are easy to store and are very easy to light, emitting a long-lasting fire. QBriquettes® are much more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels such as coal since they are made from recycled ThermoWood wastage, ensuring that all sawdust, shavings, and offcuts are utilized, to ensure a fully circular product lifecycle. QBriquettes® can be used internally and externally.

50% more heat

Emits 50% more heat

compared to logs

Chimney and Flue

Chimney and flue friendly

Long Lasting Fire

Long lasting fire


Made from recycled,

natural materials

No Chemicals

No Resins, Sugars or

Chemicals Present

Easy to Light

Easy to Light 


Easy to Transport

and Store 

How do QBriquettes® compare to logs?

QBriquettes® allow you to build a fire that suits your needs. The best quality briquettes have a moisture content of around 5-7% which is what our briquettes offer. One of our briquettes emits fuel equivalent to the burning of 3-4 logs. A compact, lightweight solution to starting a fire, using less material at a time. 

In comparison to normal logs, QBriquettes® are easy to use, transport and store. Their heat output is much more cost-effective and are odourless and emit little smoke and ash. This product is 100% natural, recyclable and environmentally friendly, right down to the packaging. Meaning you and the environment benefit from this innovative product!

Can QBriquettes® be harmful towards health?

Since QBriquettes® are made from 100% natural wood, with all reins, sugars and harmful chemicals absent, they are not bad for you, as opposed to charcoal briquettes which emit carbon dioxide when they burn. Meaning they should not be used indoors. However, our QBriquettes® can be used internally and externally. 

What makes a good briquette? 

There are a few things that make a good briquette that you should bear in mind!  


What your briquette is made of is very important. The more natural the better. Some people will be tempted to use old palettes or used timber to fuel their fires, however, additional chemicals in this material will emit harmful chemicals and hinder the quality of the material. Since waste wood often contains glues, paints and binders, they can give off unpleasant fumes. We only produce our QBriquettes® from naturals, unused ThermoWood timber to ensure that the briquette is of high quality. 


When forming briquettes, the higher compression applied the better. Since the more compressed the briquette is, the less dust it will emit, and makes it less likely to crumble. Poor quality machines running at low compression levels produce cheap, dusty briquettes. High-quality briquettes like our QBriquettes® are made using expensive machinery which works with high forces to produce densities of 1000kg/m3. Traditional logs have a calorific value of around 4100kWH/tonne whilst good quality briquettes, like ours have a calorific value of between 4800 and 5000kWH/tonne. 

Briquettes 02.jpeg

We were so surprised by how much flame can come from a small product! A steady flame, great heat and also eco-friendly, everything we were looking for! We have been using QBriquettes for our wood burner, but will also be taking them to our camping trip at the end of summer!

- Andrew, Berkshire